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    Eco Wood Furniture

    Anything is possible to exceed your outdoor furniture needs!
    From Theme Parks to your back yard garden pool and patio we have you covered…

  • New Designs

    Sea Life Designs by Florida Patio

    Charles Frisco has created a real life look of sea creatures on pure extruded aluminum.

    Charley created the famous ButterFly love seat bench chair.

  • Build Your Umbrella

    Building Umbrellas Online

    Designing your outdoor look. by Florida Patio
    This new product builder allows fabric, pole and base selection. Right click to save image or add to quote!

  • Building Furniture Online

    What will my furniture look like?

    Ideal simulations for decor and furniture selection.
    The future, what you see is what you get.

    Building tomorrow one image at a time. more

  • When to Plant for your Garden

    Interested in gardening? If you are ready to plant for your garden, there are a few things that you must take into consideration. First you must consider if the weather is prime for the specific plants that want to grow, most plants need water so it is best to plant in the spring seasons so that it rains regularly to keep the plants fed. You can also manually water your plants if need be. 

    Consider the landscape. Is the soil in the area that you are planting fertile? Or do you need to purchase soil to surround the areas that you are planting in your garden in order to provide better nutrition for your plants. These are a couple of the many things that must be taken into consideration when preparing to plant a successful, healthy garden.

  • Cleaning up your pool after Winter

    When taking care of a pool we initially spend a significant amount of money on chemicals to place inside the pool and destroy any harmful bacteria in the water during the winter time. Sunshine is what cause the green color/bacteria in your pool. Algae grows in sunshine. The most cost efficient way to clean the pool after winter begins with purchasing or renting  a 200 horsepower pump to suck the water completely out of the pool. The next step involves renting a pressure washer to clean off the walls on the inside of the pool. Next get a small plastic snow shovel to clean out the rest of the algae/bacteria left in the bottom of the pool after using the pressure washer. Finally make sure you have a water hose and a source of water then simply turn the hose on and fill up your pool.

  • What is Pool Furniture

    Pool furniture is furniture made from weather-resistant materials to allow for placement outdoors during any season. When considering purchasing garden furniture, it is important to purchase the furniture based on the type of climate that it will regularly be exposed to. Patio furniture is often sold in sets including; tables, chairs and parasols.

    Pool furniture is a type of patio furniture that is generally designed with a look that will be suitable for placement by pools.

    The ideal use for patio furniture is for decorating an outdoor area in a home or for seating customers outside in warm weather at restaurants. When a person is in the process of equipping a house, apartment, or even a restaurant with patio furniture, their budgets will not be severely strained and damaged. Most outdoor furniture is produced in bulk, and is therefore affordable, as no one sees reason to invest time and money in design and special materials for objects that tend to last until destroyed by harsh weather conditions.

  • How to choose your Patio Furniture

    Some people need help finding inspiration to decorate their outdoor home and furnish their porch and or patio. Most modern patio furniture have great looks that can suit the design mindset of many people. Some enjoy furniture that is just comfortable and easy to relax on. Others prefer furniture that is good to have when entertaining numerous guests, such as when guests come over to dine. It is always a wonderful feeling to make your outdoor home look presentable and enjoyable.  In Florida, where there is almost always great weather, people tend to take pride in the look of their patio and to brighten this look they purchase furniture suitable for their outdoor landscape/design.

    As you can see, furniture alone can completely change the look and feel of your patio (whether or not you have a nice scenery like the image above). For all of those who live in areas with relatively warm weather year round and have patios at their house, it is always a great idea for you to purchase decor that will brighten your patio. 

  • Improving Your Empty Outdoor Area

    Many people who move into new houses have trouble finding new ideas to decorate their indoor and outdoor living space. Residents of warmer areas such as Florida tend to spend more time decorating their outdoor living space rather than indoor due to the fact that they will most likely spend an abundant amount of time outdoors in the nice weather rather than indoors.


    It may seem difficult to make the appearance of an outdoor area ravishing because it is outdoors, but improving this all begins with purchasing patio furniture. Patio furniture outdoors, gives a serene feel as though you are in the comfort of your own (outdoor) living room.

    When preparing to shop for patio furniture, either online or in a store, there are a few things you should take into consideration. For example, what material would be best to match your outdoor living arrangements. Materials such as; Cast Aluminum, Wicker, Sling, Wood or Wrought Iron are very popular. Each of the different styles has their own unique characteristics and benefits, but finding the set that suits you best is based upon your particular needs.