Cushion Fabrics


Standard pricing on all solid fabrics – Optional fabric stripes and prints with “up charge”

Cushion Fabrics by “Sunbrella”

001 Accord II Crimson

Accord II Crimson

002 Accord Jade

Accord Jade

003 Accord Koi

Accord Koi

004 Action Ash

Action Ash

005 Action Denim

Action Denim

006 Action Linen

Action Linen

007 Action Stone

Action Stone

008 Action Taupe

Action Taupe

009 Allure Dusk

Allure Dusk

010 Aries Spring

Aries Spring

011 Astoria Lagoon

Astoria Lagoon

012 Astoria Sunset

Astoria Sunset

013 Aura Honey

Aura Honey

014 Bangladesh Dune

Bangladesh Dune

015 Bangle Adobe

Bangle Adobe

016 Bangle Surfside

Bangle Surfside

017 Beachcomber Dune

Beachcomber Dune

018 Berenson Tuxedo

Berenson Tuxedo

019 Bessemer 1000BA

Bessemer 1000BA

020 Bingham Graphite

Bingham Graphite

021 Bingham Lagoon

Bingham Lagoon

022 Bingham Sunset

Bingham Sunset

023 Bisbee Charcoal

Bisbee Charcoal

024 Bisbee Dune

Bisbee Dune

025 Bisbee Fiesta

Bisbee Fiesta

026 Bisbee Linden

Bisbee Linden

027 Bisbee Wren

Bisbee Wren

028 Blox Slate

Blox Slate

029 Brannon Redwood

Brannon Redwood

030 Brannon Whisper

Brannon Whisper

031 Bravada Limelite

Bravada Limelite

032 Bravada Salsa

Bravada Salsa

033 Bubble Nautical

Bubble Nautical

034 Bukhara Russet

Bukhara Russet

035 Cabana Citron

Cabana Citron

036 Cabana Classic

Cabana Classic

037 Cabana Emerald

Cabana Emerald

038 Cabana Flame

Cabana Flame

039 Cabana Regatta

Cabana Regatta

040 Cabaret Blue Haze

Cabaret Blue Haze

041 Cannes Oyster

Cannes Oyster

042 Cannes Parchment

Cannes Parchment

043 Canvas Air Blue

Canvas Air Blue

044 Canvas Antique Beige

Canvas Antique Beige

045 Canvas Aruba

Canvas Aruba

046 Canvas Bay Brown

Canvas Bay Brown

047 Canvas Birds Eye

Canvas Birds Eye

048 Canvas Black

Canvas Black

049 Canvas Blush

Canvas Blush

050 Canvas Brass

Canvas Brass

051 Canvas Brick

Canvas Brick

052 Canvas Burgundy

Canvas Burgundy

053 Canvas Buttercup

Canvas Buttercup

054 Canvas Camel

Canvas Camel

055 Canvas Canvas

Canvas Canvas

056 Canvas Capri

Canvas Capri

057 Canvas Charcoal

Canvas Charcoal

058 Canvas Chestnut

Canvas Chestnut

059 Canvas Coal

Canvas Coal

060 Canvas Cocoa

Canvas Cocoa

061 Canvas Cork

Canvas Cork

062 Canvas Dusk

Canvas Dusk

063 Canvas Fern

Canvas Fern

064 Canvas Flax

Canvas Flax

065 Canvas Forest Green

Canvas Forest Green

066 Canvas Ginkgo

Canvas Ginkgo

067 Canvas Glacier

Canvas Glacier

068 Canvas Granite

Canvas Granite

069 Canvas Heather Beige

Canvas Heather Beige

070 Canvas Henna

Canvas Henna

071 Canvas Hot Pink

Canvas Hot Pink

072 Canvas Iris

Canvas Iris

073 Canvas Jockey Red

Canvas Jockey Red

074 Canvas Logo Red

Canvas Logo Red

075 Canvas Macaw

Canvas Macaw

076 Canvas Maize

Canvas Maize

077 Canvas Melon

Canvas Melon

078 Canvas Mineral Blue

Canvas Mineral Blue

079 Canvas Natural

Canvas Natural

080 Canvas Navy

Canvas Navy

081 Canvas Pacific Blue

Canvas Pacific Blue

082 Canvas Palm

Canvas Palm

083 Canvas Parrot

Canvas Parrot

084 Canvas Raven Black

Canvas Raven Black

085 Canvas Regatta

Canvas Regatta

086 Canvas Rust

Canvas Rust

087 Canvas Sapphire Blue

Canvas Sapphire Blue

088 Canvas Sky Blue

Canvas Sky Blue

089 Canvas Spa

Canvas Spa

090 Canvas Sunflower Yellow

Canvas Sunflower Yellow

091 Canvas Tangerine

Canvas Tangerine

092 Canvas Taupe

Canvas Taupe

093 Canvas Teak

Canvas Teak

094 Canvas Teal

Canvas Teal

095 Canvas Terracotta

Canvas Terracotta

096 Canvas True Blue

Canvas True Blue

097 Canvas Tuscan

Canvas Tuscan

098 Canvas Wheat

Canvas Wheat

099 Canvas Walnut

Canvas Walnut

100 Canvas Vellum

Canvas Vellum

101 Canvas White

Canvas White

102 Canyon Antique

Canyon Antique

103 Canyon Cocoa

Canyon Cocoa

104 Canyon Curry

Canyon Curry

105 Canyon Spring

Canyon Spring

106 Canyon Vellum

Canyon Vellum

107 Canyon Walnut

Canyon Walnut

108 Canyon Wheat

Canyon Wheat

109  Canyon Wren

Canyon Wren

110 Carousel Confetti

Carousel Confetti

111 Carousel Limelite

Carousel Limelite

112 Cast Ash

Cast Ash

113 Cast Lagoon

Cast Lagoon

114 Cast Mist

Cast Mist

115 Cast Oasis

Cast Oasis

116 Cast Petal

Cast Petal

117 Cast Shale

Cast Shale

118 Cast Silver

Cast Silver

119 Cast Slate

Cast Slate

120 Cast Tinsel

Cast Tinsel

121 Cha Cha Lagoon

Cha Cha Lagoon

122 Cha Cha Sunset

Cha Cha Sunset

123 Charisma Dusk

Charisma Dusk

124 Chartres Barley

Chartres Barley

125 Chartres Flax

Chartres Flax

126 Chartres Hemp

Chartres Hemp

127 Chartres Mist

Chartres Mist

128 Chartres Pebble

Chartres Pebble

129 Chartres Willow

Chartres Willow

130 Chartres Wisteria

Chartres Wisteria

131 Cheetah Safari

Cheetah Safari

132 Cove Cameo

Cove Cameo

133 Cove Pebble

Cove Pebble

134 Crazy Quilt Seaglass

Crazy Quilt Seaglass

135 Davidson Redwood

Davidson Redwood

136 Decade Pewter

Decade Pewter

137 Decade Sand

Decade Sand

138 Dimone Sequoia

Dimone Sequoia

139 Dolce Mango

Dolce Mango

140 Dolce Oasis

Dolce Oasis

141 Dorsett Cherry

Dorsett Cherry

142 Dupione Aloe

Dupione Aloe

143 Dupione Bamboo

Dupione Bamboo

144 Dupione Caramel

Dupione Caramel

145 Dupione Celeste

Dupione Celeste

146 Dupione Cornsilk

Dupione Cornsilk

147 Dupione Crimson

Dupione Crimson

148 Dupione Deep Sea

Dupione Deep Sea

149 Dupione Dove

Dupione Dove

150 Dupione Galaxy

Dupione Galaxy

151 Dupione Henna

Dupione Henna

152 Dupione Latte

Dupione Latte

153 Dupione Laurel

Dupione Laurel

154 Dupione Nectarine

Dupione Nectarine

155 Dupione Oak

Dupione Oak

156 Dupione Palm

Dupione Palm

157 Dupione Papaya

Dupione Papaya

158 Dupione Paradise

Dupione Paradise

159 Dupione Pearl

Dupione Pearl

160 Dupione Peridot

Dupione Peridot

161 Dupione Sand

Dupione Sand

162 Dupione Stone

Dupione Stone

163 Dupione Walnut

Dupione Walnut

164 Echo Ash

Echo Ash

165 Echo Citron

Echo Citron

166 Echo Dune

Echo Dune

167 Echo Limelite

Echo Limelite

168 Echo Midnight

Echo Midnight

169 Echo Sangria

Echo Sangria

170 Echo Teak

Echo Teak

171 Elegance Marble

Elegance Marble

172 Empire Dove

Empire Dove

173 Extend Breeze

Extend Breeze

174 Fischer Graphite

Fischer Graphite

175 Fischer Lagoon

Fischer Lagoon

176 Fischer Sunset

Fischer Sunset

177 Flagship Raspberry

Flagship Raspberry

178 Flagship Bay Brown

Flagship Bay Brown

179 Flagship Black

Flagship Black

180 Flagship Brick

Flagship Brick

181 Flagship Celadon

Flagship Celadon

182 Flagship Cocoa

Flagship Cocoa

183 Flagship Ginko

Flagship Ginko

184 Flagship Mango

Flagship Mango

185 Flagship Mineral

Flagship Mineral

186 Flagship Mist

Flagship Mist

187 Flagship Nutmeg

Flagship Nutmeg

188 Flagship Papyrus

Flagship Papyrus

189 Flagship Pecan

Flagship Pecan

190 Flagship Persimmon

Flagship Persimmon

191 Flagship Plum

Flagship Plum

192 Flagship Ruby

Flagship Ruby

193 Flagship Salt

Flagship Salt

194 Flagship Spring

Flagship Spring

195 Flagship Stone

Flagship Stone

196 Flagship Vellum

Flagship Vellum

197 Flagship Wheat

Flagship Wheat

198 Forsythia Parchment

Forsythia Parchment

199 Foster Metallic

Foster Metallic

200 Foster Surfside

Foster Surfside

201 Francois Barley

Francois Barley

202 Francois Lagoon

Francois Lagoon

203 Francois Parchment

Francois Parchment

204 Francois Redwood

Francois Redwood

205 Francois Teak

Francois Teak

206 Frequency Ash

Frequency Ash

207 Frequency Parchment

Frequency Parchment

208 Frequency Sand

Frequency Sand

209 Fretwork Cameo

Fretwork Cameo

210 Fretwork Flax

Fretwork Flax

211 Fretwork Mist

Fretwork Mist

212 Fretwork Pewter

Fretwork Pewter

213 Gateway Blush

Gateway Blush

214 Gateway Mist

Gateway Mist

215 Gavin Mist

Gavin Mist

216 Grove Oat

Grove Oat

217 Grove Wren

Grove Wren

218 Hampton Indigo

Hampton Indigo

219 Harwood Crimson

Harwood Crimson

220 Heritage Alpaca

Heritage Alpaca

221 Heritage Ashe

Heritage Ashe

222 Heritage Char

Heritage Char

223 Heritage Denim

Heritage Denim

224 Heritage Garnet

Heritage Garnet

225 Heritage Granite

Heritage Granite

226 Heritage Leaf

Heritage Leaf

227 Heritage Mink

Heritage Mink

228 Heritage Moss

Heritage Moss

229 Heritage Papyrus

Heritage Papyrus

230 Heritage Pumpkin

Heritage Pumpkin

231 Heritage Wheat

Heritage Wheat

232 Hifi Glow

Hifi Glow

233 Holmes Cocoa

Holmes Cocoa

234 Holmes Flannel

Holmes Flannel

235 Holmes Latte

Holmes Latte

236 Hoopla Cocoa

Hoopla Cocoa

237 Houndstooth Ivory

Houndstooth Ivory

238 Houndstooth Spark

Houndstooth Spark

239 Houndstooth Wren

Houndstooth Wren

240 Hybrid Citrus

Hybrid Citrus

241 Hybrid Lime

Hybrid Lime

242 Hybrid Sky

Hybrid Sky

243 Hybrid Smoke

Hybrid Smoke

244 Icon Mystique

Icon Mystique

245 Icon Pop

Icon Pop

246 Isla Breeze

Isla Breeze

247 Lanai Lagoon

Lanai Lagoon

248 Lanai Teak

Lanai Teak

249 Leonardo Clay

Leonardo Clay

250 ido Indigo

ido Indigo

251 Linen Antique Beige

Linen Antique Beige

252 Linen Canvas

Linen Canvas

253 Linen Champagne

Linen Champagne

254 Linen Chili

Linen Chili

255 Linen Natural

Linen Natural

256 Linen Pampas

Linen Pampas

257 Linen Sesame

Linen Sesame

258 Linen Silver

Linen Silver

259 Linen Stone

Linen Stone

260 Linen Straw

Linen Straw

261 Linen Taupe

Linen Taupe

262 Luxe Indigo

Luxe Indigo

263 Mainstreet Latte

Mainstreet Latte

264 Mainstreet Wren

Mainstreet Wren

265 Mason Forest Green

Mason Forest Green

266 Maxim Heather Beige

Maxim Heather Beige

267 Meander Lilac

Meander Lilac

268 Meander Pebble

Meander Pebble

269 Meander Shamrock

Meander Shamrock

270 Meander Wren

Meander Wren

271 Meridian Air

Meridian Air

272 Meridian Brick

Meridian Brick

273 Meridian Cameo

Meridian Cameo

274 Meridian Charcoal

Meridian Charcoal

275 Meridian Coco

Meridian Coco

276 Meridian Dove

Meridian Dove

277 Meridian Espresso

Meridian Espresso

278 Meridian Flax

Meridian Flax

279 Meridian Frost

Meridian Frost

280 Meridian Grain

Meridian Grain

281 Meridian Lemon

Meridian Lemon

282 Meridian Lime

Meridian Lime

283 Meridian Maize

Meridian Maize

284 Meridian Mango

Meridian Mango

285 Meridian Meadow

Meridian Meadow

286 Meridian Mist

Meridian Mist

287 Meridian Mustard

Meridian Mustard

288 Meridian Patina

Meridian Patina

289 Meridian Pewter

Meridian Pewter

290 Meridian Rose

Meridian Rose

291 Meridian Teak

Meridian Teak

292 Meridian Twilight

Meridian Twilight

293 Meridian Vellum

Meridian Vellum

294 Meridian Wisteria

Meridian Wisteria

295 Meridian Wren

Meridian Wren

296 Milano Char

Milano Char

297 Milano Cobalt

Milano Cobalt

298 Milano Dawn

Milano Dawn

299 Milano Flax

Milano Flax

300 Mode Lakeside

Mode Lakeside

301 Mode Seaside

Mode Seaside

302 Navigation Marine

Navigation Marine

303 Neo Sesame

Neo Sesame

304 Neo Silk

Neo Silk

305 Nile Cocoa

Nile Cocoa

306 Palace Fiesta

Palace Fiesta

307 Palace Stone

Palace Stone

308 Paris Blush

Paris Blush

309 Paris Lavender

Paris Lavender

310 Paris Mist

Paris Mist

311 Paris Raffia

Paris Raffia

312 Passage Poppy

Passage Poppy

313 Peyton Granite

Peyton Granite

314 Pioneer Sunrise

Pioneer Sunrise

315 Plush Earth

Plush Earth

316 Plush Maize

Plush Maize

317 Plush Oatmeal

Plush Oatmeal

318 Plush Patina

Plush Patina

319 Plush Sable

Plush Sable

320 Plush Spa

Plush Spa

321 Plush Wren

Plush Wren

322 Posh Acorn

Posh Acorn

323 Posh Ash

Posh Ash

324 Posh Charcoal

Posh Charcoal

325 Posh Dove

Posh Dove

326 Posh Lime

Posh Lime

327 Posh Oat

Posh Oat

328 Posh Parchment

Posh Parchment

329 Posh Persimmon

Posh Persimmon

330 Posh Salt

Posh Salt

331 Rae Marie Sunset

Rae Marie Sunset

332 Prestige Yarrow

Prestige Yarrow

333 Reel Parchment

Reel Parchment

334 Posh Shitake

Posh Shitake

335 Reel Slate

Reel Slate

336 Reflex Citron

Reflex Citron

337 Reflex Classic

Reflex Classic

338 Reflex Emerald

Reflex Emerald

339 Reflex Flame

Reflex Flame

340 Reflex Regatta

Reflex Regatta

341 Regency Sand

Regency Sand

342 Renewal Linden

Renewal Linden

343 Rib Natural

Rib Natural

344 Rib TaupeAntique Beige

Rib TaupeAntique Beige

345 Royce Garden

Royce Garden

346 Sailcloth Sahara

Sailcloth Sahara

347 Sailcloth Sailor

Sailcloth Sailor

348 Sailcloth Salt

Sailcloth Salt

349 Sailcloth Sand

Sailcloth Sand

350 Sailcloth Seagull

Sailcloth Seagull

351 Sailcloth Shade

Sailcloth Shade

352 Sailcloth Shadow

Sailcloth Shadow

353 Sailcloth Shell

Sailcloth Shell

354 Sailcloth Shore

Sailcloth Shore

355 Sailcloth Sienna

Sailcloth Sienna

356 Sailcloth Sisal

Sailcloth Sisal

357 Sailcloth Space

Sailcloth Space

358 Sailcloth Spice

Sailcloth Spice

359 Sailcloth Suntan

Sailcloth Suntan

360 Sasian Sesame

Sasian Sesame

361 Scout Clay

Scout Clay

362 Seville Seaside

Seville Seaside

363 Shadow Charcoal

Shadow Charcoal

364 Shadow Sand

Shadow Sand

365 Shadow Snow

Shadow Snow

366 Shore Citron

Shore Citron

367 Shore Classic

Shore Classic

368 Shore Emerald

Shore Emerald

369 Shore Flame

Shore Flame

370 Shore Regatta

Shore Regatta

371 Simone Barley

Simone Barley

372 Simone Landscape

Simone Landscape

373 Simone Mahogany

Simone Mahogany

374 Simone Rocco

Simone Rocco

375 Solana Seagull

Solana Seagull

376 Solano Fiesta

Solano Fiesta

377 Spectrum Almond

Spectrum Almond

378 Spectrum Carbon

Spectrum Carbon

379 Spectrum Caribou

Spectrum Caribou

380 Spectrum Cayenne

Spectrum Cayenne

381 Spectrum Cilantro

Spectrum Cilantro

382 Spectrum Coffee

Spectrum Coffee

383 Spectrum Crimson

Spectrum Crimson

384 Spectrum Daffodil

Spectrum Daffodil

385 Spectrum Denim

Spectrum Denim

386 Spectrum Dove

Spectrum Dove

387 Spectrum Eggshell

Spectrum Eggshell

388 Spectrum Graphite

Spectrum Graphite

389 Spectrum Grenadine

Spectrum Grenadine

390 Spectrum Indigo

Spectrum Indigo

391 Spectrum Kiwi

Spectrum Kiwi

392 Spectrum Mist

Spectrum Mist

393 Spectrum Mushroom

Spectrum Mushroom

394 Spectrum Peacock

Spectrum Peacock

395 Spectrum Sand

Spectrum Sand

396 Spectrum Sesame

Spectrum Sesame

397 Spectrum Sierra

Spectrum Sierra

398 Stanton Brownstone

Stanton Brownstone

399 Stanton Greystone

Stanton Greystone

400 Stanton Lagoon

Stanton Lagoon

401 Strata Cashew

Strata Cashew

402 Strata Linden

Strata Linden

403 Strata Oyster

Strata Oyster

404 Strata Vellum

Strata Vellum

405 Strata Wren

Strata Wren

406 Token Caribbean

Token Caribbean

407 Token Surfside

Token Surfside

408 Traveler Lakeside

Traveler Lakeside

409 Trax Blue

Trax Blue

410 Trax Coal

Trax Coal

411 Trax Denim

Trax Denim

412 Trax II Cloud

Trax II Cloud

413 Trax Linden

Trax Linden

414 Trax Mink

Trax Mink

415 Trax Mouse

Trax Mouse

416 Trax Sequoia

Trax Sequoia

417 Trax Smoke

Trax Smoke

418 Trax Terra

Trax Terra

419 Trax Truffle

Trax Truffle

420 Trax Willow

Trax Willow

421 Trax Wren

Trax Wren

422 Venice Lime

Venice Lime

423 Vibe Earthen

Vibe Earthen

424 Viento Paprika

Viento Paprika

425 Viento Java

Viento Java

426 Viento Mercury

Viento Mercury

427 Viento Nautical

Viento Nautical

428 Violetta Baltic

Violetta Baltic

429 Volt Berry

Volt Berry

430 Volt Cherry

Volt Cherry

431 Volt Emerald

Volt Emerald

432 Volt Fuchsia

Volt Fuchsia

433 Volt Galaxy

Volt Galaxy

434 Volt Glow

Volt Glow

435 Volt Sand

Volt Sand

436 Volt Sequoia

Volt Sequoia

437 Volt Silver

Volt Silver

438 Volt Spark

Volt Spark

439 Volt Sulfur

Volt Sulfur

440 Zara Moroccan

Zara Moroccan

441 Zara Sunset

Zara Sunset